The secured collaborative platform

AirCollab is a collaborative solution with associated services, based on cloud technology, used as a mean for secured project collaboration within the aerospace extended enterprise. The platform allows common management of key elements such as documents, tasks, lifecycle, search, communities etc…

AirCollab enables a smooth synchronization between all types of stakeholders external to a company. Using AirCollab is relevant in various contexts: project collaboration, call for tenders, documentation and information sharing, feedback, debate…

4 main drivers to adopt AirCollab

Security: Solution is based on European cloud operated by Outscale (certified SecNumCloud).  The level of security has been defined and approved by BoostAeroSpace founders and their respective Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).

Easy to implement: Once company and project team have decided to use the platform, implementation process is performed with reduced IT constraints. Then identified users need a subscription in order to use it. The solution is intuitive and users easily handle its functionalities.

Cost effectiveness: Pay per user model allows total cost of ownership optimization. Subscription contains all in one: software use, maintenance, support and regular upgrades.

Aerospace & Defense standard solution: Approved by BoostAeroSpace founders and designed to be deployed across the whole industry.

About Dassault Systemes

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