AirCollab: the online collaborative solution

  • Standard collaborative solution: Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Enable “turnkey” collaboration with external partners and internal teams
  • Hosted and monitored by Thales in a military grade facility
  • Pre-developed templates by and for the Aerospace industry key stake holders
  • Used by most of the major Aerospace industrial companiesAIRCollab_Logo_Testimonies

AirCollab: business value

  • A safe and efficient link to exchange information and validate workflows with partners external to the company
  • An internal collaboration tool for projects teams to manage and streamline the information flows
  • AirCollab value proposition

About Thales

  • Thales enables you to go beyond security and to ensure resilient and high-performance critical information systems that integrate breakthrough technologies. They design, develop and operate fully secured information systems throughout their lifecycle to help you master your critical data.

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