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Supply Chain Management

  • Forecasts and Purchase Orders Management
  • Deliveries Follow-up
  • Inventory Management
  • Non-quality Prevention


Remote Project Teamwork

  • Remote project-team workspace
  • Industrial documents distribution
  • Online project reporting


Multi-Tier Engineering

  • Technical Data Exchange
  • PLM Collaboration
  • Product Configurations updates and synchronisations


Data Exchange between ERPs and AirSupply®

  • Digital solution for Industrial Suppliers manually connected to AirSupply® (Human to Machine)
  • 4 main functionalities : PO review, PO ackowledgement, Dispatch Advice, Forecast
  • Enables suppliers to lower number of key in errors, increase reactivity, decrease data entry workload and focus on higher added value activities


Collaborative Program for standardization and increased maturity of cybersecurity levels

  • The collaborative answer, from major Industrials of the European Aerospace Defense Supply Chain, to CyberSecurity issues
  • Objective is to increase cyber protection levels (IT & IS) for all aerospace suppliers
  • Starts with a maturity assessment and issue of clear and customized roadmap
  • Materials, best practices and expertise are shared insite the AirCyber® Community
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Services Business Value

  • Best practices and Standards for the Aerospace & Defense industry
  • Digital continuity in the Supply Chain
  • Security and Confidentiality of data
  • Harmonized tools and processes for collaboration between Customers & Suppliers
  • Multi-Tiers (Full Data Segregation)
  • SaaS mode

BoostAeroSpace Business Value

  • Governance with Founders, Customers & Service Providers
  • Secured environnements
  • Best practices sharing
  • Enhancing digital collaboration in the Supply Chain
  • Security Policy enforcement & evolution
  • Customer group management