Certification Authority Certificates

Since 29/09/2016 you can ignore the “certificate installation step” to access AirCollab:
the “Global Sign” PKI certificates that have been deployed are normally by default already installed in your Internet Browser.

In case of trouble, you can still manually install the new PKI certificates bellow:

GlobalSign Root R1Organization Validation CA – SHA256 – G2
Valid until: 28 January 2028
Serial #: 04:00:00:00:00:01:15:4b:5a:c3:94
Thumbprint: b1:bc:96:8b:d4:f4:9d:62:2a:a8:9a:81:f2:15:01:52:a4:1d:82:9c
Download Root-R1 certificate (Binary/DER Encoded)
Valid until: 20 February 2024
Serial #: 04 00 00 00 00 01 44 4e f0 42 47
Thumbprint: 90 2e f2 de eb 3c 5b 13 ea 4c 3d 51 93 62 93 09 e2 31 ae 55
Download child CA certificate (Binary/DER Encoded)

internet-explorer-logo   Install the certificate with Internet Explorer

Clic on the root CA certificate RootCA2_32, install it by selecting manually the “Trusted root certification Authorities” folder and accept the installation wizard windows until the end; clic on the Sub-Ca certificate EcoCA1_32, install it letting all installation wizard going to the end.

Mozilla-Firefox-logo  Install the certificates with Firefox (clic here for detailled instructions)

Right click on each of the certificates below and select “Save Link As…” (don’t forget where you save the files), then from firefox options (Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates > Authorities) intall the certificates files and select the first option “trust this CA to identify websites” root CA certificate RootCA2_32 Sub-Ca certificate EcoCA1_32 .